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Crown Centre

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The Next Generation

Yoga Studio

The Crown System:

Yoga Therapy and Training Centre has two elements:

Yoga Therapy & Training Centre (YTTC) which runs teacher training on the crown system of yoga. The Crown Centres which run yoga, meditation classes and workshops in the crown system of yoga.

Yoga Therapy & Training Centre Teacher Training: www.yogaireland.com

Yoga & Meditation Classes and workshops: www.thecrowncentre.com

Roy Griffin is one of Irelands leading yoga teachers over his many years of teaching yoga at the highest level has led him to understand that there is only one yoga practice.

His wisdom lies with the understanding that all the different aspects of yoga are one integrated system. To this end he focused his energies on understanding the system of yoga rather than a particular style of yoga.

All the different aspects of yoga fit neatly into each other, the crown system is that distilled wisdom broken down into bits size chunks and built back up again.

The system can be described as stepping-stones of insight that are threaded through the classes, built upon within the workshops and foundation days and galvanized on the teacher training courses.

Cardio Blast Yoga ClassEach member can engage at the level they are comfortable with, from the beginner right through to regular members and teacher training, there is something for everyone.

We wish we could offer the classes for free but to deliver the system effectively and broad reaching we have to charge a fee. We do our utmost to keep the cost down and the accessibility high. We promise to always offer the best value.

We keep the team of teachers small in each centre, so that the members have a lot of access to their favorite teachers. Equally our entire teaching team has trained in the system and has the skills to teach many of the different classes and workshops within the system.

This is excellent access to teachers who have a broad understanding of the system of yoga and how all the different elements come together in the crown system of teaching. It is a wonderful opportunity to have the same teacher teach that strong powerful yoga class and also have the skills to teach the healing restorative yoga or insightful meditation classes.

This is the flexibility of the crown system to teach and train their members to the highest standard and deepest levels of yoga.

Out dedicated team of yoga teachers have committed themselves to sharing the wisdom and understanding of yoga in a fun and caring way with enthusiasm and integrity.

You will see that our teachers do not teach a style of yoga, but have the ability to teach all of the different elements of yoga. This gives our members the opportunity to experience the different levels of yoga with the one teacher or move around the teachers to explore all the different elements in a clear and integrated way.

Our unique quality as a yoga centre is that we teach all the different elements of yoga as one integrated understanding, with our teachers exploring how this is so in their own unique way. The system of yoga is universal,  but the teacher and students are unique. There is lies the joy and fun of sharing yoga.


Our Teachers

  • Roy Griffin

    As the director of Yoga Therapy & Training Centre and the Crown Centre Roy is responsible for the day-to-day running…

  • Joanne Maguire

    Jo’s yoga practice began at the age of 11 as part of her rehabilitation from a spinal injury.  Started her…

  • Catherine Lynch

    Catherine began her yoga journey in 2004 with her formal training  beginning with the YTTC in 2009. Starting with the…

  • Claire Bassett

    A teacher and philosophy graduate, Clare started her yoga journey in Spain in 2001 with her formal training with the…

  • Clare Murphy

    Claire began my journey with the YTTC in 2011.  Since then I have achieved Diplomas in Level One and Level…

Our Classes


What You Can Expect

Stability Yoga Class:

Stability, Mobility, Flexibility

Core Yoga Class:

Generates Power, Vitality and Strength

Flow Yoga Class:

‘The Flow State’ Effort and no effort

Cardio Blast Yoga Class:

Increased Heart Rate, Beautiful Relaxation

Restorative Yoga Class:

Profound Peace and Bliss

Breathing Meditation:

The Natural Breath, Calm and Content

Mindfulness Meditation Class:

Clarity and Perception

Insight Meditation Class:

Insight and Intuition

Awareness Class:

Authentic Self

Depth in Bit Size Chunks