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Crown Centre

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The Crown System

Every reason is a good reason to begin yoga

'Yoga is for All'

Whether it is to tone up, relax, heal an injury or seek the deeper meaning of life, Yoga can help. There is a beautiful saying ‘All boats rise on the Tide’. We are the boats, yoga is the tide and life is the ocean.

Come to the Crown Centre no matter what your reason!

The Crown System works on the understanding that the most effective way to live is in the present moment, within one intergrated inner space, centred. It is much easier to hold one space than it is to hold many spaces at once, physically, mentally and emotionally.

We understand that a well rounded yoga practice is the integeration of  asana(posture), Pranayama(Breathing), Yoga Nidra(Relaxation), Meditation and Philosophy. There is only one way to live the present moment but there are many practices within that moment.

Our system offers yoga and meditation classes that give you everything from a great workout to a deep relaxation physically, energetically and mentally and is designed to give members a well-rounded yoga practice.

The deeper meaning and structure to the system:

The crown centre is named after the crown chakra and symbolises Freedom, we are free and always have been and it is for us to see this highest truth. Yoga leads us to the way of unity (oneness) and through unity we experience freedom.

This is the empowerment we hold for each and every member that comes through our door, to support and fulfill their greatest potential. The classes are integrated and progressive so that the more you attend the deeper aspects of the practice reveal themselves.


the Crown System

As a Beginner

Simply come for a

good workout or peaceful relaxation!

One of the best reasons to begin yoga or meditation is for our health as it permeates all areas of out life. The balance is always between healthy action and health relaxation, this balance is called well-being.

Our system offers you a well-rounded selection of classes from very strong to gentle postures to simple breathing and meditation. It is our goal to offer you the best service and experience of well-being.

All our teachers are qualified in the system and work as full time yoga teachers. Each has their own unique qualities that they bring to the system.



Stay for the Quality Experience!

Build a strong and subtle body with a calm and

clear mind by focusing on developing a well-rounded practice.

One day you come to the centre planning to do your regular class and find that you are not in the mood for it. So you try something different, like the restorative class and experience deep relaxation for the first time or equally the Flow class and experience the balance of effort and no effort “The Flow State” for the first time.  Your eyes are open to a new experience and you decide to explore.

After a while you are planning your classes for the week depending on your energy levels, your mood or even what is going on in your mind.

You have worked out that there is a class to suit every mood you are in, so you mindfully listening to yourself and following your natural rhythm in sync with the classes offered at the centre. Essentially you centre yourself physically, energetically and mentally, learning how to hold that inner space of well being through all areas of your life.

As your life comes into balance you see your deeper meaning. Your life becomes well rounded just like your yoga practice. This is the promise we make and the commitment we offer if you stick around.

Plus we promise to keep our prices cost affordable so that it doe’s not become a barrier to your health and well-being.


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Yoga Practice becomes Life Skills

The principles you practice are as true

in day to day life as they are on the yoga mat.

The advanced skills of yoga can be applied to all walks of life to achieve our highest values with a sense of personal destiny.

A simple but powerful question is: Who is the you that is continuously present? This question and more is explored throughout the different classes, workshops and trainings. We all must find our own answers.

The more we come into the present, the more our life makes sense to us. Living in the present moment allows us to experience everything else in the present moment and thus gives us the highest state of mind.

The system focuses on developing an advanced  yoga/living practice. While we build up to advanced postures it is with the integration of  breathing, relaxation, meditation and philosophy.  The advanced practice is the layering of all the basic skills together as one integrated practice and anybody can achieve it!

Explore the journey through the different classes we have to offer, develop your conversation through the workshops and foundation days. One day you may decide to become a teacher and share the journey, the opportunity is there for all to access.

As we develop the life skills to transform our inner life we also transform our outer life.  This ethos permeates throughout everything we do in the centre.

Enjoy! Roy

Overview of the System

Yoga and Meditation Classes

Begin and Progress

From the gentle to the strong, our classes graduate

in intensity and depth. Starting off gently and graduating:

Cardio Blast Yoga (Sun Salutations)

Stability Yoga (Alignment & Mobility)

Core Yoga (Activate the Power)

Flow Yoga (Strong & Energetic)

30° Fire Yoga Stability (Alignment & Mobility)

30° Fire Yoga Core (Activate the Power)

30° Fire Yoga Flow (Strong & Energetic)

Restorative Yoga (Healing and Bliss Out)

Joint Releasing Yoga (Ache & Pain Relief)

Mindfulness Meditation (Constant Awareness)

Insight Meditation (Intuition)

Breathing Meditation (Energize)

Six Week Intensives (Progress & Develop)

One2One Sessions (Quality Time with Teacher)

Class Length varies: 45/60/75 & 90 Minutes



Workshops & Foundation Days

Go Deeper!

Learn to layer the practice with

our in-depth workshops and Foundation days:

Restorative Yoga

Cardio Blast Yoga

Stability Yoga

Core Yoga

Flow Yoga

Standing Strong Poses

Subtle backbends Poses

Inverted poses

Mindfulness Meditation

Breathing Meditation

Insight Meditation

Awareness Workshop

Chakra Workshop

Be Here Now Workshop


Stability Yoga Class


Teacher Training Courses

Share with Others??

When the benefits of yoga has you wanting to share

your experience, it is time to learn how to teach yoga to others:

Level One Diploma

Level Two Diploma

Meditation Diploma

Yoga for Kids Diploma

Restorative Yoga Diploma

Yoga for pregnancy Diploma

Training the Teachers Diploma


The Levels Simply Explained

 Quality not Quantity

Beginner Practice

Focus on alignment in the body working from the outside in.

Intermediate Practice

Develops by moving inward and relaxing into an active body,

breathing their alignment and developing awareness of their centre.

Advanced Practitioner

Experiences their centre (the natural integrity of the body) and

is mindfully moving from their centre, working from the inside out.