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Portfolio Category: Classes

Pranayama(Breathing) Class

TheĀ  Crown system breathing classes begins with breath awareness and develops to the three phrase of the breath onto to the full yogic breath. The benefits of breathing properly are increased energy, a greater state of calm and clarity We teach people how to breath properly and use the full potential of their Energy.
  • Beginners practice introduces the fundamentals of proper breathing and the centring , beginning with...
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Awareness Class (Awaken inner Power) 60 minutes

We are all profoundly connected.
in ways that can be challenging to understand, similar to the nevre ending looking out into the deep space of the body ot realizing it is connected to a central nervous system and the central cortex and universial conscious the pervades us all. This course explores the ...

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Stability Yoga (Alignment) 90 minutes

A stable body is a strong body.
This class explores the classic postures with the focus on alignment, extension and openness, working from the outside in. Alignment creates stability and strength, extension creates mobility and openness creates flexibility.

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Core Yoga (Powerful) 90 minutes

Breath is the key that opens the door to the inner practice
It energizes the body and mind. This class layers breathing into the yoga 1 stability class, developing the inner practice. We also explore active relaxation; the longer we hold the posture the less effort we put in and the more energy we get in return

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