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Portfolio Category: Workshops

Yoga Foundation Day 1

The yoga foundation day is designed to take the yoga practitioner beyond the experience of a regular yoga class. The day is suited to anyone interested in exploring yoga at a deeper level. We begin with understanding the key elements of yoga:

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Stability Yoga (Alignment) 90 minutes

A stable body is a strong body.
This class explores the classic postures with the focus on alignment, extension and openness, working from the outside in. Alignment creates stability and strength, extension creates mobility and openness creates flexibility.

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Core Yoga (Powerful) 90 minutes

Breath is the key that opens the door to the inner practice
It energizes the body and mind. This class layers breathing into the yoga 1 stability class, developing the inner practice. We also explore active relaxation; the longer we hold the posture the less effort we put in and the more energy we get in return

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Inverted Pose Yoga Workshop

The Inverted Pose Yoga Workshop focuses on building our upper body strength to hold the inverted poses with Stability and lightness, with a beautiful opening of the heart centre at the end of the practice. There is a great sense of achievement with the inverted pose, facing our fears in a safe and fun environment. We explore the key principles of alignment and how to master them...
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