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Crown Centre

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Claire began my journey with the YTTC in 2011.  Since then I have achieved Diplomas in Level One and Level Two Teacher Training.

She has been practising yoga for over 10 years initially beginning with pregnancy yoga. After practicing fro a number of years she decided to do the teacher training course.  Personally I have a keen interest in a holistic approach to life.  I find that the combination of a healthy diet, meditation and regular yoga practice whether it be a standard class or restorative class helps to promote and maintain a well balanced life and individual.

On a personal level the YTTC courses were life changing, they brought a sense of peace, calm and understanding into my life among many other things.

My belief is that yoga is a form of healing, both physical and mental (as well as a form of exercise).  Physically, I teach a strong class with an aim for correcting the body's alignment as well as improving each individuals own physical strength and stability.  Mentally, I offer blissful yoga nidra to allow the mind a couple of precious minutes to be free of thought and emotion and just let go and relax.

In the restorative class I offer a gentle class focusing on bringing space into both the body and mind and letting go of any physical or mental tightness or tension.

All of the above help to improve an individual's everyday life and well being, giving each person a better quality of life and connecting us to our inner self.


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